“Aleksandra” diamond stud earrings mounted on four claws
“Aleksandra” diamond stud earrings mounted on four claws

0.20 carat “Ennia” stud earrings

Délai : 4 semaines

0.20 carat “Ennia” stud earrings mounted on four prongs

“High security” spring clasp system.

GOLD color
  • Yellow gold
  • Pink gold
  • White gold
Qualité diamant
  • Tradition bijoutier
  • Prestige joaillier


On these diamond studs, the diamonds are mounted on four light and secure claws allowing the diamonds to shine with all their brilliance. Our method of manufacturing in the purest respect for tradition allows us to have the jewel firmly stuck to the ear so that it does not fall off. The high-tech clasp system guarantees maximum safety of use.

We offer two qualities of diamond for our jewelry: tradition jewelry quality and prestige jewelry quality. The first quality offered is a perfect compromise between price and effect. Its color corresponds in the color scale to white with a clear tint from the side but difficult to see from the front. The inclusions are visible under a magnifying glass but difficult to see with the naked eye. This quality is generally used in French jewelry, its excellent quality, price and effect ratio makes it “the good deal” par excellence.
For our superior quality On the back, the white color is very clear and no tint is perceptible. The inclusions are difficult to see with a x10 magnifying glass. This quality is used for the manufacture of French jewelry and is generally 30% more expensive. This quality requires an educated Å_x0093_il who will appreciate the beauty of this quality in all its splendor.

18 KT
Gross weight
1.10 gr
Number of diamonds
0.20 ct
Diamond diameter
2.90 mm
Système de fermoirs à ressorts "haute sécurité"

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