Our beautiful history and passion

Our history and passion for precious stones and jewelry began in 1986 in the Principality of Monaco , this place known for its luxury, its values and its conservatism. At first, fascinated by the precious metal which is gold, our activity gradually centered on stones and more particularly diamonds. The fascination for stones being a condition, after traveling to the four corners of the world, we finally joined forces with diamond dealers as passionate as us, in order to master our sources for quality and prices. It has always been essential for us to only purchase diamonds that do not come from conflicts on African soil.

Diamond: our passion

The diamond and precious jewelry market is always a market in expansion. From jewelry to jewelry, from Place Vendôme boutiques to mass-market jewelry stores, all price ranges are represented and the qualities are as varied as the multiples colors in a rainbow.

We do not have the ambition to revolutionize this market, but simply to offer simple, qualitative, timeless and personalized jewelry. éheavens at the best prices on the market in total transparency. Because the prices of diamonds sometimes lack transparency and between nuances of quality, the consumer cannot find their way, so less scrupulous resellers can very easily take advantage of this lack of clarity. education" to sell stones more expensive than their true price. Our objective is not only to offer diamonds at the best price, but also to manufacture jewelry following the pure tradition of jewelry. Our collection is classic and timeless because, engagement rings, wedding rings, solitaires or rivers, will always remain investment purchases, and the value of these objects should not devalue over time but on the contrary, grow! Because it seems to us that jewelry, well purchased, can be an investment, because it brings pleasure to everyday life and allows you to maintain value for the future.

Des handpicked qualities

We currently offer two qualities for our products: tradition jewelry quality and prestige jewelry quality . The first quality offered is a perfect compromise between price and effect. Its color corresponds in the color scale to a white with a clear tint from the side but difficult to see from the front. The inclusions are visible under a magnifying glass but difficult to see with the naked eye. This quality is generally used in French jewelry, its excellent quality, price and effect ratio makes it the ultimate bargain .
For our superior quality, the white color is very clear and no tint is perceptible. Inclusions are difficult to see using a 10x magnifying glass. This quality is used for the manufacture of French jewelry and is generally 30% more expensive. This quality requires an educated eye that will appreciate the beauty of this quality in all its splendor.

Our manufacturing
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Our factory is located in Guandong, not far from Hong Kong. For around twenty years, she has specialized in precious, high-quality work in order to meet the requirements of the French market. Our on-site quality control is even supervised by an expert gemologist and French artisan jeweler close to the norms and standards of our country, in order to allow our manufacturing to meet the levels of perfection of French manufacturing and even beyond.